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The preschool follows a four term year and is closed during school and public holidays and the first and last day of each term. 

The choices of days available are: 

3 days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Operating hours 8.30am – 3.30pm

2 days – Thursday, Friday

Operating hours 8.00am – 3.30pm


Fees schedule 2023 - Nominal fees are currently $85 per day for 4/5 year olds and $95 per day for 3 year olds. 


Maintenance Levy $2.00 per week and Fundraising Levy $150.00 per year. Extra curricular activities such as sport, music, science will also be invoiced to parents with fees each term. 


Fees may increase each year due to operational costs and expenses.

For Community Preschools in 2023, the NSW Government is currently providing a fee relief of $4,220 over the full preschool year for all families  - for child enrolled in at least 600 hours of preschool. If you choose to accept fee relief from our preschool, the amount is deducted from full fees (on 2 days per week, over 40 weeks of preschool) on a pro rata basis. A term invoice is issued and payable with any fee relief applied so there will be nothing more for you to do or claim.

2023 fees with fee relief applied: 

  • For 4/5 year old child - $152/week for 3 days Mon-Wed group and $67/week for 2 days Thur/Fri group

  • For 3 year old child - $182/week for 3 days Mon-Wed group and $87/week for 2 days Thur/Fri group


NOTE: fee relief can only be claimed from one service provider, you must sign a document to claim fee relief before it will be applied.


Fee relief is based on economic circumstances each year. If there is a fee relief the amount is stipulated by the government.  

Further fee relief for some special circumstances maybe available, please contact the Centre Director for further details.


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