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Children’s names may be registered on the waiting list from birth. Children can be registered for any year after they have turned three before the commencement of Term 1 of that year. to be considered for a place that year.

The non-refundable fee for placing your child’s name on the waiting list is $50. Once payment is received, a receipt is mailed to you for your records and your child is registered. Being registered on the waiting list does not mean the automatic offer of a place as demand for preschool places is usually high.

In July each year, there may be a confirmation request email sent to those children registered for the following year, This is to confirm that the child is still interested in a place at the preschool, not confirmation of a place. This confirmation request is not always sent depending upon the demand for that year.

In August each year, preschool places are offered for the following year. After parents accept an offer, a place is then only confirmed by attendance at an enrolment appointment and the payment of a refundable enrolment fee of $600 (refundable if five weeks notice of termination is provided). An orientation evening for parents is held in November, followed by our open week for the prospective preschoolers.

At any time throughout the process, parents should notify the preschool if they change their details or wish to withdraw their child from the waiting list.

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