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How much is it to put my child’s name on the waitlist?

The waitlist fee is currently $50


How long is the waiting list?

It varies from year to year. We recommend to register your child on the waitlist as soon as possible.


What age can the child go on waitlist?

From D.O.B. Please download the form from our website.


Is it possible to come and have a tour of the preschool?

Yes, having a tour is possible, please call the preschool office to book in a day and time (Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Time: 9.30am- 11.30am).



How much are fees per day?

Fees are currently $87.55 - $97.85 per day (2024), incursions and other extracurricular activities charged per session in addition to daily fees. Subject to change.


What age can the child be, to start?

Your child must have turned 3 before starting. We are licensed for children 3-5 years old.


What are the chances of getting a place?

Being on the waitlist does not guarantee a position at the preschool. The Centre’s policy is to offer vacancies to 4 year old children first where possible, to ensure they are able to benefit from preschool activities prior to starting school.  The philosophy of our Centre embraces children with Additional Needs, but due to our limited physical environment enrolment must be reviewed by the Director prior.  All final enrolment decisions are made at the Director’s discretion.


What are the days/hours of preschool?

The preschool follows a four term year and is closed during school and public holidays. The first and last days of each term are pupil free days, with staff meetings, programming and preparation of premises.  The operating hours are: 8.30am – 3.30pm Monday - Wednesday, and 8.00am-3.30pm Thursdays and Fridays .The choices of days available are: 3 days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 2 days – Thursday, Friday.

How many children is the preschool licensed for?

20 children per day.


When do families find out if their child has a place for the next year?

Places are allocated in June/July of the preceding year and successful applicants are notified at that time.


Staff ratio to number of children?

We always have 2 staff to 20 children. Staff include a Teacher, Educator  

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Our toileting policy requires that children who attend EWPS be fully toilet trained. It is a Department of Education requirement that two staff members supervise the group of 20 children at all times, therefore all children attending the  preschool must be toilet trained in order for educators and teachers to be able to fulfil the requirements of their roles.  We do not consider "Pull-ups" to be an appropriate alternative to underwear. Children attending EWPS who are found not to be fully toilet trained will be required to take leave from the preschool, until they are successfully toilet trained. Their place will be kept for them over this period, but their fees will need to continue to be paid during this time. We do understand that accidents occur and staff encourage children to go to the toilet frequently during sessions. If parents are concerned about their child's toileting they are encouraged to speak to our staff at any time.

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