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East Willoughby Preschool is a non-profit community-based organisation with over seventy years history of servicing the preschool needs of the Willoughby City area.


The preschool offers an intensive full day program in caring environment which focuses on the child. It values its reputation for the excellent care and education of young children in its community.


The preschool is licensed for 20 children a day, aged between 3 and 5 years of age. It is a mixed learning environment and three, four and five year old children interact freely. Children attend Monday-Wednesday or Thursday-Friday.


The preschool is run by the Director who is responsible for the daily administration of the centre and who, along with the staff, develops the educational program. The overall administration of the preschool is the responsibility of the annually elected Management Committee comprised of parent representatives. As a community-based organisation, active parent participation is an essential component of our preschool’s management.


East Willoughby Preschool is financed by the parents and licensed in accordance with New South Wales Children's Services Regulation and the National Quality Framework. It is an incorporated association and all parents of currently enrolled children are members of the association. The preschool also receives a subsidy from NSW Community Services, as well as building assistance from Willoughby City Council.


A key part of the preschool’s philosophy is to promote an awareness and acceptance of individual differences. The preschool values multiculturalism, inclusion and integration. We also provide a service for children with additional needs within our community and every effort is made to support them and their families. Should you require any further information, please contact the Director.

East Willoughby Preschool has met the National Quality Standards set under the National Quality Framework (NQF).

Parent Reviews

An amazing learning environment combined with family and community spirit, I cannot praise the preschool enough!!

Lou Gardener, June 2015

East Willoughby Preschool feels like the heart of Willoughby. Such a warm and friendly place, amazing staff, the true spirit of Community.
Daniel Barber, June 2015

Wonderful community based preschool that inspire our children to learn in a extremely happy and creative environment. The school has an impeccable record of success almost certainly due to its stellar staff. Truly outstanding.

Jayne Thuraisamy, June 2015

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